Trades Tracking
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NWCA's Trades Tracking, powered by CASE field services is both flexible and simple. Our customers can benefit from:

  • Fewer denied claims

  • Smaller premium audits

  • Protection of claims history

  • Sub Contractor and vendor accountability

  • Saved time and less office administration

Our flexibility comes from:

  • Tailored document requirements

  • Customized communications

  • Even the ability to use different requirements for different trades

Our Simplicity comes from:

  • Affordable and clear billing and pricing

  • Ease of CASE system use by our customers

  • Ability to help trades and vendors through the process with respect and professionalism

What can we track?

  • ______ Rated Carrier or better (AM Best)

  • ______ Limits per Certificate GL

  • "On-Going Operations" Additional Insured

  • "Completed Operations" Additional Insured

  • Waiver of Subrogation

  • Per Project Aggregate

  • Primary/Non-Contributory Language

  • 30 day NOC

  • Auto Liability Insurance, Minimum Limits = _______

  • Workers Compensation Insurance per Certificate

  • Affidavit of 1099 exclusive customer status

  • Current Copy of our Sub Contract with you (signed)

See our brochures:

        GETTING STARTED is easy. Contact us at or call us at 866-610-0626 Ext. 101 and ask for Mike or Aaron. To price out a proposal, we need to know how many trades and/or vendors to track in a given year and a copy of your subcontract (if applicable).