About CASE

WHAT KIND OF AUDITS AND LOSS CONTROL services can be performed?
General Liability
Workers' Compensation

WHAT INDUSTRIES? Once an insurers or program's exposure methodology and underwriting guidelines are fully understood CASE can be tailored to most any industry. CASE has in-house expertise in automotive, construction, distribution, lumber, manufacturing and retail operations industry premium audits and loss control.

WORDS DESCRIBING CASE compared to other field services firms:
-Boutique, insurer and program relationships are welcome as best matched with CASE's specific approach

-Highly Customized, as underwriting is as much art as science, great care is taken to understand individual underwriting communications and styles to best accommodate and properly format the reports and the resulting processes.

-Innovative, when an insurers says "Why can't you do this?" CASE looks at how to get it done and when... rather than attempting to standardize all customers. CASE's technologies are "in house" and capable of individual enhancement.

-Kindness, as a key to CASE customer service. Every policyholder is helped through the process any way possible with reminders and phone assistance. Staff is trained to always be cheerful and understanding.