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To be at the cutting edge, CASE and its customers need to be aware of developments in the insurance industry affecting how audits are performed, their relevance, and the perception of premium audit by both policyholders and the public.

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Trades Tracking - NEEDS and SOLUTIONS

Trades Tracking - Micro Pricing

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With Annual Minimums as low as $750, who can't afford to get it right with Trades Tracking?

Are you Claims Ready - Trades Tracking

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Trades Tracking is a part of what CASE Field Services does well. Using our Audit expertise and proprietary technologies, we can make sure your commercial tenants, sub-contractors, trades and vendors all have the documents on file needed so your insurance is involved as a last resort

Field Service by CASE, our FOCUS

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CASE now uses its approach with both Audits and Loss Control. Read how.

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Certificates by themselves ....a problem   (click to visit)
COIs are rarely accurate or complete in context. This article discusses the issue at an IRMI level understanding as to the concepts and remedies involved.

Premium Fraud is Easy and Rampant!   (click to visit)
See how an undocumented worker set up a shell company and defrauded an insurer over $1M shortchanging his fellow immigrants!

Congratulations to Brown and Joseph Ltd.   (click to visit)
Dave Trout has assume the position of Senior Vice President Insurance Programs. Mr. Trout has been a big fan of CASE and uses it as a tool in his premium collections efforts to assure accuracy and verified documents. He possess a sophisticated understanding of both collections and insurance.

Premium Audits Get No Respect - Reformatted

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This article details the importance of cross referencing and sourcing of audit documentation. Quality assurance in premium audit is also discussed...CASE is a practitioner!

Workers' Comp Premium Fraud: Don't Do It   (click to visit)
Workers' compensation premium fraud is costing honest employers millions of dollars every year - and endangering workers who are frequently exposed without workers comp protection.

Premium Fraud   (click to visit)
This is a great resource if you want to read about premium fraud, and other types of fraudulent activities as well !!

Texas Audit Challenges   (click to visit)
Even the main stream media recognizes how construction in Texas can pose a challenge that could very well affect insurance premiums and how they are calculated.

Taking Action against Premium Fraud   (click to visit)
With insurance costs ranging from 20 to 30 percent of the price of doing business, unscrupulous businessowners will sometimes take drastic measures to avoid paying the true premium on their business insurance policies.

Your Role in Preventing Premium Fraud   (click to visit)
Employers who commit premium fraud gain an unfair advantage over their honest competitors. By helping us identify premium fraud, you help ensure a level playing field for all employers and contribute to a stable workers’ compensation system.

Independent Agents: Frontline Defenders Against Premium Fraud   (click to visit)
When business policyholders falsify company data to reduce their premium, it has negative financial and legal ramifications for everyone, including independent agents.

Workers' Comp Premium Fraud   (click to visit)
This article discusses how costly premium fraud can be, and insight on how its committed! Defend yourself !!

See our friends at LEIB Solutions   (click to visit)

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